Ways & Means Committee Application for Funding

The Greater Moncton Progress Club has determined its mandate to raise funds and utilize those funds to directly benefit Children in need in our Local Communities. We support (but are not limited to) the Paediatric Wards of both Local Hospitals, and other child-oriented causes in the area.

From time to time, we receive individual and group requests for support that we put before our Ways and Means Committee to ensure the requests meet the mandate of our Organization. From those requests, the Ways and Means Committee recommends funding initiatives to our General Membership to vote on. From that vote, we will provide funding and/or support to that request.

In an effort to make the Application process simple, the criteria for funding are outlined as follows:

  • The benefactor must be a Child/Children/Children’s Group. We have a slogan “Through the Eyes of a Child…” This is how we try to see the world when determining funding for Children. How will this request benefit the recipient from the “CHILD’s Point of View”. Given the recipients are what we consider ‘In Need’….we wish to enhance a difficult situation that they may be in by providing something that will ease this difficulty somewhat. For example, we have provided the Chronic Care Children’s wards of the hospitals with Books, Games, DVDs, Televisions, Gamecubes, etc.. This allows the children to have “fun” when they are going through treatments, etc.
  • The person requesting assistance should be able to demonstrate that the need truly exists. This may require one of our Committee Members contacting you to discuss the application in more detail.
  • The benefactor should reside in our Tri Community Area (Dieppe, Moncton, Riverview). We will however, consider areas in close proximity on an individual basis.
  • Request must be made on our Ways & Means Committee Application for Funding form below in order to be considered.
  • A working contact number needs to be provided so that we can contact you.
I agree.

Application Form

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