Christmas in the Pedway

Everybody loves the Santa Claus Parade, it attracts children from far and wide, but not all can watch the parade outside.

The most heart-warming outreach activity we do is Christmas in the Pedway, An essential component of the Club’s identity; we use this event to ensure that our community’s most vulnerable children don’t get left out of the Holiday spirit.

In partnership with the Greater Moncton Women’s Progress Club,We transport, feed and entertain patients and their families from Greater Moncton’s two Hospital’s pediatric wards, hosting them at the City Hall Pedway.  From the comfort of the Pedway they get to watch the Majesta Greater Moncton Santa Claus Parade in safety and warmth all with the best vantage point possible!

Pizza, presents and celebrity guests complete the evening for these children and their families, for whom a Holiday-themed night out is a special, fun-filled respite from their worries and cares, if only for a few hours. 

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