Funding Request

Each year the Greater Moncton Men’s Progress Club receives applications and presentations from numerous charities and causes for our support.  The ones that are determined to be the best fit with our mandate are then prioritized as to where we can make the biggest impact.

In addition to our direct charity support, from time to time we also receive requests to support individual children or families in crisis as well as special one-time requests from non-profit organizations. These special requests are submitted to our Ways and Means Committee to ensure that the requests meet the mandate of our Club. The Ways and Means Committee then recommends who we will support from these special requests funding to our General Membership to vote on.

Requests can be referred by a third party or come direct from the family or group in need. Simply fill out the request form below and a club member will be in touch to discuss your application.

Our current charitable commitments are to:

  1. Camp Livingston
  2. Sistema
  3. Moncton Hospital Pediatric Unit
  4. Centre hospitalier universitaire Dr-Georges-L.-Dumont Pediatric Unit
  5. Jon Bassett Memorial Scholarship
  6. Moncton Headstart

In an effort to make the Application process simple, the criteria for funding are outlined as follows:

  • The benefactor(s) must be children or youth aged 18 or under, or a non-profit organization serving this segment of our community.
  • The person or organization requesting assistance should be able to demonstrate that the need truly exists. This may require one of our Committee Members contacting you to discuss the application in more detail.
  • The benefactor must reside in the Greater Moncton area (Dieppe, Moncton, Riverview).
  • Applications for support must be made using the official Request Form linked at the bottom of this page in order to be considered. Please fill out all provided fields in order for us to best consider your application and be able to easily contact you.